(cause apparently y'all need help)

** if you hate instructions, skip to the part where it says "SAFETY PIN THAT SHIT AND BE DONE WITH IT" **

1) if your backpanel came with staples and you hate staples, temporarily pin (or sew) the "de/ettes" flags to the "gender" piece with at least 2 pins on each side, THEN pull the staples out* (bonus points if you use teeth)

2) lay your precious backpanel on your jacket (text right-side-up, duh) somewhere high enough to be in-your-face but low enough that your hoodie won't cover it** and PIN THE SHIT OUT OF IT — it takes at least a dozen pins, and there is no such thing as too many pins; if you don't pin it well enough, it will buckle while you sew around the outside, and you'll have to pucker it when you're done which looks like shit; in lieu of pins, use spray glue or rubber cement to hold it while you sew

3) after pinning it all to your jacket, CUT OUT THE NECK (usually marked with a sharpie "x") — it's not part of the bloody design

4) where you go from here is up to you, but here's some things that your fellow gangsters have done:

a) machine-sew, using a wide zig-zag stitch set to short-length, first going all the way around the logo, THEN around the "de/ettes" flags (if you lack a machine, make some cookies for one of us who does)

b) hand-stitch, using anything but a running/straight stitch (because running stitches gather the fabric up when you pull them tight); whip-stitches are fine; back-stitches look baller; blanket-stitches for frankenstein enthusiasts <- you can youtube all that shit btw; if you don't have needle/thread, steal some from that queer elder you just adopted

c) motherfucking staples (long-arm stapler or else you can apparently bend them over with your fingernails)

d) mmmm rivets


f) don't use glue alone — your back panel will fall the fuck off

* if you forget to take the staples out before sewing it down, you can always cut them out later with dikes; if you fuck this up and your letters get misaligned, lay a ruler across the bottom edge of the letters to help re-align, then staple it back up etc.

** if your hoodie does end up covering the middle finger that kinda defeats the purpose of having a backpanel with a middle finger, so safety-pin or binder-clip your hood up so that it doubles up on itself at the base of your neck and doesn't hang down so low — classy broads can even sew a button into the top of their hood